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MAG series has long been fancied by vape fans for its stunning appearance and strong performance. MAG Grip, a new member of MAG family, is also worth looking forward to. It still continues the features of handheld mod, exquisite fire key, and magazine release. In addition, some fresh design concepts have been added: the distinctive OLED screen area and UP/Down buttons underneath perfectly blend the data reading and data adjusting together. And it is compatible with 21700, 20700 and 18650 battery; what's more, a single 21700/20700 battery can offer a power output up to100 Watts with high performance. MAG Grip comes with TFV8 Baby V2 tank adopting two new coils---Baby V2 S1 and Baby V2 S2, which are custom-made coils for Stick series battery with intense clouds and flavor. Holding MAG Grip in hand, you'll feel the power of Grip. Innovation keeps changing the vaping experience!

SMOK MAG 225W TC Box Mod Features: 

  • Dimensions: 92mm by 65mm by 30mm
  • Dual High-Amp 18650 Battery - Not Included
  • Maximum Wattage Output: 6-225W
  • Min Atomizer Resistance: 0.05ohm
  • Temperature Range: 200-600F
  • Supports Ni200 Nickel, Titanium, and Stainless Steel Heating Elements
  • Precision Memory Modes
  • Premium Zinc Alloy Construction
  • Full-Colored OLED Display Matrix - Customizable Colors
  • Oversized Firing Switch - Trigger-Like Design
  • Sliding Battery Bay Access - Flower-Shaped Button Lock
  • Intelligent Atomizer Recognition
  • Battery Series Connection
  • Short Circuit Protection
  • Over-Heat Protection
  • Over Discharge Protection
  • 12 Seconds Cut-Off
  • MicroUSB Port - Firmware Upgrades
  • 510 Connection
  • Available in Purple, Green, Pink, Black


  • 1 Mag 225W TC Box Mod
  • 1 TFV8 Baby v2
  • 1 Baby v2 s1 0.15ohm single mesh coili (pre-installed)
  • 1 baby v2 s2 0.15ohm quadruple kanthal coil
  • 1 Replacement Glass Tube
  • 1 MicroUSB cord
  • 18650 battery adapter
  • Spare Parts & O-Rings
  • Instructional Manual


General Device & Battery Warnings


1. WARNING: Lithium-ion batteries are volatile. They may burn or explode with improper


use. Do not use or charge with non-approved devices. Overuse of vaping apparatus


may cause this product to overheat, malfunction, and/or may cause burns.


2. Do not leave this product unattended while charging anytime or overnight, and do not


charge it in your vehicle.


3. Keep away from high heat, direct sunlight, cold temperatures, humidity and water.


Injury or death can occur.


4. Do not replace batteries with non-approved units.


5. Do not mix new and used batteries or different brands.


6. When charging keep away from flammable areas such as but not limited to wood floors


and carpets. Always use a fire resistant container or bag.


7. Always have a fire extinguisher in an event of a fire.


8. If battery or device looks damaged, do not use.


9. Do not expose the battery to direct sunlight.


10. If you witness the battery starting to balloon, swell up, smoke, or become very hot.


Immediately disconnect the power to your home or office from the circuit breaker. If a


circuit breaker is unavailable, disconnect from outlet. Do not approach the battery for


at least 2 hours and make sure that the room is ventilated.


11. Never drop, damage, or tamper with the batteries. If you do not use.


12. Never attempt to charge directly from the wall outlet. Always use a surge protector.


13. Do not throw batteries into fire.


14. Do not connect improperly.


15. Do not use any charger other than the one provided to you to charge your device


16. Do not charge batteries unless are specifically labeled as “rechargeable”.


17. Do not carry or store batteries together with a metallic necklace, in your pockets, purse,


or anywhere else where they may become exposed to metals.


18. Do not install tanks on mechanical mods, they will explode.


19. Keep away from children and pets. Should a child/pet swallow or chew on a battery,


immediately consult a physician and or call your local Poison Control Center.


20. Always turn off your vaping apparatus in between uses.


21. Unplug the charging apparatus in between uses.


22. Please recycle or dispose according to local law.


23. Failure to follow warnings may result in electric shock, fire, burns, property damage, or


bodily injury.

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